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Hail damage to roofs is a serious, ongoing problem for homeowners and real estate investors in Oklahoma and Colorado. Unseen damage from hail strikes can lead both to premature roof failure and serious secondary damage to your property such as leaks, attic damage, mold, electrical problems and structural damage.

Impact Resistant Shingles are a great way to provide extra protection for your property, and they can also save you money – as much as 20% – on your home owners insurance premiums.

Independent, not-for-profit testing organization Underwriters Laboratories (UL) provides ratings for impact resistant shingles with a test called the UL 2218 Impact Rating. A class 3 rating is earned when the test sample does not crack when hit twice in the same spot by a 1.75” diameter steel ball dropped from 20 ft.

These modified asphalt shingles are both stronger & more flexible than standard shingles. Their rubber-like quality protects the fiberglass mat from hail strikes, reducing premature deterioration. Being more flexible also makes them more wind resistant, and less likely to blow off of your roof.

Please contact Home Repair Advisors, LLC to learn more about how class 3 shingles can increase the safety and value of your property as well as save you money on insurance premiums.

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