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Roof Damage

Your roof is exposed to elements that damage it every day of the year – sun, wind, rain and hail all take their toll. The damage is usually unseen, which can create hidden secondary damage to your property.

Sometimes damage takes place after a dramatic event like a hailstorm or high winds. Sunshine and rain are not as obviously destructive, but they are working slowly but steadily to wear your roof out.

Sun Damage

The sun beats on your roof endlessly, slowly breaking it down. Hot summer days increase the pace of wear and tear. Sun exposure can bleach roof shingles and eventually cause decay and crumbling, leaving your home exposed to the elements. Sun damage can also cause curling and warping on your roof.

Water Damage

As a roof ages, it becomes more vulnerable to damage as water starts to seep into tiny cracks. Heavy rain can wash away the granular surface on shingles, or seep under missing sealing strips and damaged flashing. If freezing temperatures occur when water has seeped into your roof, the water can freeze and expand, damaging your roof further and leading to interior ceiling leaks.

Wind Damage

Wind can break the seal between shingles on your roof, exposing you to water damage. Wind damage is more likely to occur at the edges, corners and ridges of your roof. In high wind conditions flying debris can also damage your roof.

Hail Damage

Hail hitting your roof can leave dents and divots in your shingles. Those dents and divots are a good indicator the the fiberglass backing has been cracked and the degraded integrity of the shingle is exposing you to water, wind and sun damage. Hail also have loosens the bond with the granules to the asphalt layer, leaving your homes interior more vulnerable water damage.

Damage To Your Roof Can Take Place Very Quickly, Or Over Long Periods Of Time

Mold Problems

Mold is another serious problem. Interior mold and mildew can spread throughout a home, often transmitted by the HVAC system. Mold is a threat both to your families health and the value of your home. 

Damage To Your Attic

Damage to your home from a compromised roof can be occurring hidden away in your attic. This can lead to electrical problems and a fire hazard if you have attic wiring. Your attic insulation may be damaged, leading to higher utility bills. Damage to rafters and ceiling joists many also occur compromising structural integrity. Rotted wooden components can’t be repaired; expensive replacement will be required.

Secondary Property Damage

If secondary damage from roof leaks results from a property owners negligence – not property maintaining the roof – it may not be covered by insurance. Don’t risk thousands of dollars of uninsured damage!

As you can see, one type of roof damage can leave you more vulnerable to others, and roof damage can have severe consequences for the safety and value of your home.

An inspection by a professional roofer from Home Repair Advisors will let you know the exact condition of your roof and whether you need to take action to protect your property. If you think your might hail or wind damage to your roof from a recent (or not so recent) storm, please contact us to schedule a free roof inspection.

A new roof is not a small expense, but it many cases it is covered by your homeowners insurance. If you do not have an insurance claim, we have financing available with lenders competing for your business.

We will work with you to get your new roof and protect your home.

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